About Us

42 IT Solutions Limited is an IT Consultancy focusing on delivery of pragmatic solutions to solve real business problems.

The emphasis is on delivery of working solutions. It’s incredible to believe that the IT Industry (and especially that of bespoke software) consistently experiences headlines of projects that fail, never get switched-on, and possibly even cost millions. One of the best ways to combat this is to start using elements of a solution as quickly as possible! That does not mean, however, we believe in an entirely ‘agile’ approach; when considering system solutions (as opposed to, say, an adhoc analysis or problem investigation) we should really try to understand the problem, get some idea of where the solutions are likely to take us, and consider how our solution could support that future change, while remaining quick and realistic to implement. Sometimes we also need to consider current data and code; can old data be converted to new structures?

In addition to delivering solutions fast, we have a track record of providing incremental day-by-day improvements.

While we specialise in the use of enterprise-grade relational database servers, and commercial compiled software to execute key business processes, the emphasis on pragmatic solutions may mean our solutions might use simple spreadsheets or graphs, a Powershell script, or – lets face it – some real problems can be solved with an email or a phone call.