Who Are We… I Mean… Who Am I Kidding?

Some of the earlier posts on this blog use ‘we’ and ‘us’ to hint or suggest that 42 IT Solutions has a team of like-minded people working for a better future in IT.  I’m sure there were any number of clues that this was ‘enterprise-speak’; but as things stand 42 IT Solutions is effectively only one person: me, Nigel Rheam.


In practice, there was little room for misunderstanding.  I do not advertise contact details; I do not churn the site optimising for SEO or keyword search… I don’t ‘market’ this blog in social media, and I rarely blog anything; in essence because the things that I sometimes want to talk about are often off-limits due to a desire to be commercially sensitive to my client.

But recently I realised that, however much I felt that this ‘subterfuge’ was pretty minimal and unlikely to mislead anyone, there was also a factor I had failed to take into account.  I want to be honest. To say things how I see them. Even if that means saying something (even if others seem to be conspicuously not saying) to the people that should know.  Assuming for a moment that you happen to be reading because you are a potential new client; I want you to know that I will try to be fair and honest with you, your systems, your colleagues.  This desire to reflect and express some sort of ‘truth’ as I am able to understand it does not overcome a desire to be respectful, thoughtful, and considerate.

And notice above that I said ‘truth as I understand it‘.  I realise that I may be wrong, or have incomplete information, and hopefully I am wise enough to re-evaluate when given new information.


So once again, welcome to my company blog! I hope you find some interesting things written here.